Possibility for Mayweather Maidana Rematch

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Floyd Mayweather Jr., a boxer on his rise to becoming the best boxer of them all, has recently been in two majors battles in two years and won both of them. Mayweather has been training more and more say sources as he seeks to win his next fight says A World of Boxing reporter.  Mayweather’s boxing career has been taking a turn for the better in most cases with the more publicity he receives from each match.

Mayweather is in the weight class of the welterweights, which are a division in which the boxer weighs from 140 lbs to 147 lbs. Mayweather is counted in as part of this group in most matches although his divisions change since he has gained weight and now weighs 151 lbs. Along with a height of 5’8”, he has an orthodox stance in which he uses in much of the ring. This boxer has not yet lost a fight and has won a grand total of 46 fights, 26 of those being by knock out. One viewer feels that Mayweather is at the top of his game with no loses and 46 wins. He has also won eight championship titles and the Lineal championship in three different weight classes. In his career, Mayweather has earned $385 million in total from most of his major fights.

Given his recent win against Maidana, critics and fans alike are arguing and asking for another fight. Another fight was put up for option after Maidana claimed he had be at an unfair disadvantage. Because of remarks such as these made by the fighter many are for the rematch against Mayweather. “Honestly he did throw some good punches, and I like to stay in one motion but he forced me to move around and it was a good match,” Mayweather said. The fight to be is still being debated, but until then fans and reporters await Mayweather’s decision. A date for the fight has not yet been chosen, as representatives of Mayweather decide on if it’s worth it to fight once more.

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