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Basketball boys prepare to take on Andress

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The varsity boys basketball team is now 32-0, and they have clinched the Area championship beating Canyon Randall High School 49-31 on Friday. The Highlanders had four players in double digit scoring. Junior forward Isaiah Aguilera led the way with 12 points. Josh Gallegos, Jordan Enriquez and Jeremy Rios all had 11 points.

Aguilera felt very excited to lead the team in scoring.

“I tried to produce as much as I possibly could. My teammates expected me to play at the highest of my ability, and I didn’t want to disappoint. It felt great to be able to come through for the team.”

Junior center Ruben Mendoza is determined to go onto the next round.

“We celebrated our respective win but our season does not end here. We have to get back to work tomorrow and prepare for Andress. Our goal is the state championship and it has been since day one.”

Junior guard Sergio Enriquez has one thing in his mind and that’s the state championship.

“Being 32-0 is such a great feeling. For me, that record doesn’t mean as much if we don’t make it to the state championship game. I will do anything in my power for us to make it that far.”

The Highlanders will face the Andress Eagles on Tuesday in a highly anticipated matchup between the 4th (Bel Air) and 5th (Andress) ranked teams in the state. The game will be played at the Don Haskins Center. Tip off is set for 7 p.m. This game will feature if not the best, two of the best backcourts in the city. Josh Gallegos, Jordan Enriquez for Bel Air and Alvin Warren, Brian Hunter for Andress.

By Samuel Workman

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