“Into The Storm” Review

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The movie “Into The Storm” can be described as nothing short of an action-packed thriller. This film exemplifies an exciting and suspenseful tone. All throughout, not once is it dull or uneventful. Both emotional and questionable, this movie exceeded expectations in a positive way and there’s no-doubt the viewer will be paying to see it again.

“Into The Storm”, directed by the phenomenal Steven Quale, is an excellent portrayal of a travesty. In the span of one day, the town of Silverton is ravaged horribly by tornadoes, causing an outrage. Most people run from the tornado, but things take an unexpected turn of events when a group of storm-chasers find themselves in the eye of the cyclone. The sound effects had each member of the audience on the edge of their seats the entire span of the film, eager for more. The camera angles were phenomenal, lenses focusing in each time a weather-travesty took place. The movie gives off a feeling of anxiety (don’t worry it’ entirely worth it) while the terrified people risk their lives to save the innocent bystanders all portrayed on the screen.

The film started abruptly, with a news report flashing across the big screen, indicating the few first signs of a storm. The first few minutes were promising, most viewers might be clueless as to what the movie has in store, but are hopeful none-the-less. The graphics get  better and better as the film goes on and at times one will find themselves questioning if the movie was actual footage or Hollywood, THAT’s how real it all appeared. The supporting actor, Nathan Kress did an excellent portrayal of the younger brother and joined the cast at the 30-minute mark of the movie. The rest of the cast was phenomenal and highly successful in conveying a serious array of characters.Toward the end of the movie, had the audience on the edge of their seats, in hopes it won’t end abruptly. A anxiety-erupting scene occurs and the viewer will find themselves shaking.

The movie will end unexpectedly, (not in a bad way) to say the least. “Into The Storm” was an enthralling experience overall and is highly recommended. It gives a moral of emotionalism and embracing the life one lives, causing the viewer to second-guess themselves in a positive way. The viewer might feel overwhelmed a couple times throughout the film but never disappointed, and always eager for more. This movie is  a 10 out of 10 and an A grade, no negative comments. The film makes a lot of sense in the positive message it aims to portray all along; go experience this emotional, breathtaking and impelling film, “Into The Storm”.

By: Riki Pinales

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