‘Safe Haven’

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By Aimee Lopez

The stories of Nicholas Sparks are true love magic. Sparks knows exactly what to give to women, and that’s what he did in “Safe Haven.”

It’s starts of with Erin Tierney arriving in South Port, Calif, determined to start her new life away from her abusive husband Kevin Tierney – a corrupted cop that uses his influence to track down Erin at all costs. Creating a new home for herself, she befriends her neighbor Jo and eventually begins to open her heart to Alex Wheatley, manager to a convenience store and father of Lexie and Josh.

The story all revolves around Erin’s (changed her name to Katie) chance to relive her life with a man who doesn’t abuse her. But the twist of the story is will her past let her live or haunt her in her shadows.

Erin Tierney is a strong character who has been able to break her abusive cycle and run away, something that many women who are involved in a abusive relationship have not been able to accomplish. Erin’s strong and determined personality matches well with a compassionate, hopeless, romantic Alex.

Alex has already been married before, which emphasizes Sparks intention of emphasizing the big love message. It is possible to fall in love again no matter what past you have.

Sparks portrayal of a villain is witty, because in the book Sparks often switches points of views with Kevin (Erin’s abusive husband-detective.) It makes Kevin’s mentality more complicated.

In “Safe Haven”, Sparks makes a huge revelation toward abusive relationships. Teenagers are not the only victims of violence, but adults too, and like teens, adults are also greatly affected and it can leave a huge scar in their hearts. This book is for anyone who is willing to open their minds and hearts for a chance to heal still-bleeding scars. This book can be checked out at any public library and school library. Please read the book before seeing the movie. It makes a huge difference.

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