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On Friday, the Fashion Club will host their fashion show at 7 p.m. at the Tartan Theatre.

“The fashion show is a combination of all the different things the students have learned.” fashion teacher Rita Sanchez said.

Not only will they just be showcasing their work, they have a special theme that the girls chose for the show.

“Advanced fashion chose the theme of princesses and villains,” Sanchez said. “So you’re going see Snow White, Cinderella, Cruella and Pocahontas.”

Fashion club member and senior Daniela Trevizo said that she’s looking forward to “The happiness of our models, audience and our club. It has taken the team and I about four months. We’ve put a lot of extra time in our designs.” The girls have been working since January on their designs.

Just to name a few, some of the students who will be modeling are Leslie Garcia, Itzel Trejo, Alyssa Nuñez, Kayla Archuleta, Sophia Lemmus, Adrina Oliver, Bernice Ramos, Michelle Esquivel, Alejandra Gomez, and fashion teacher Sanchez.

After working diligently on their designs for about 3-4 months Sanchez said, “They’re ready. I’m looking forward to my girls realizing what they’ve put together because they’ve been working so hard. Once they’ve seen their work put together, I think they’ll realize this is what the three years of fashion design has come down to. It’s also their senior night so it’s a really really emotional night because I’ve had these girls for three years.”

By Alyssa Lopez

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