JROTC advances to Leadership Bowl

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JROTC members have advanced to the 2015 Leadership Bowl Championship at the Catholic University, Washington, D.C, June 26-30.

The events they won were Level I- The Challenge and Level II- Zero Hour Threat. The team was composed of Sean Niderhauser, Guadalupe Carrillo, Maria Meza, and Jonathan Diaz.

Advancing to Level III cadet Sean Niderhauser said “Winning all the events you’ve done so far and participating in a team has been a privilege and a honor to work with my friends, family, cadre and instructors to come this far locally and nationally.”

Along with Sean Niderhauser his teamate, cadet Guadalupe Carrillo, said “We worked really hard and studied a lot to achieve this high honor. I was really proud and excited to win the events.”

The Challenge Level I is an internet based competition, and it consists of approximately 75 questions and takes almost an hour to complete. Its against 1,320 teams nationwide.

The Zero Hour Threat is the same as the first, the team advances, but now it consists of 521 teams. During the online tests there is no ability to stop and start over. No one is allowed in the room during the competition except for the four members of the team, two alternates and one instructor. No outside sources such as dictionary, thesaurus textbook/ instructional material etc. are allowed. No communication about the competition with other JROTC teams or schools is allowed. All scores are sent to the Foundations server. Last but not least, winning Level II the Zero Hour Threat they advance to Level III where they compete against 40 schools nationwide in Washington D.C.

After Winning Level I and Level II, “I was elated my cadets had won. They earned the privilege of going to D.C. It took a lot of studying preparation and hard work,” Sgt. Letha Lawson said.

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