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Junior softball player earns scholarships

0 comments, 06/05/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Features, Sports

Nine universities and colleges have already offered Yasmin Melero, junior softball third-baseman, athletic scholarships.  Four scholarships are for division one schools, four scholarships are for division two schools, and one scholarship is for a division three school.

The four division one schools are Texas Southern University, Dartmouth University, Canisius College and Houston Baptist University. The four division two schools are Missouri Valley College, University of Texas at the Permian Basin, Eastern New Mexico, and Alabama Community College. The division three school is Rochester University.

Melero said, “I have a passion for the game. Not only does softball help me physically, but it also helps me obtain my education. The university’s I am really looking forward to are Texas Southern and Dartmouth. Since Dartmouth is an Ivy League school, I am going to work really hard and focus on my academics.” Yasmin Melero plans on taking a SAT Prep course at EPCC, so she can receive a high score.

Varsity Softball coach Celina Rodriguez described Melero as a dedicated, determined, tough and a very fierce competitor.

Coach Rodriguez said, “Yasmin has got a great head on her shoulders. She is very determined in reaching her goals, whether it is continuing her education or playing at the next level.” Coach Rodriguez says that Melero will do anything she sets her mind to.

It is not only the coach who thinks Melero is a great athlete. Her teammates also have great things to say about Melero.

Victoria Ruiz, freshman who is a fellow teammate of Yasmin’s said, “Yasmin is not only a great athlete, but an amazing teammate and person in general. I would enjoy to see Yasmin happy playing in college. I know she’ll make it far in both softball and school.”

Softball players from all over El Paso say they look up to Yasmin.

Daniela Rodriguez, junior softball player from America’s said, “I always have a great time competing against Yasmin. I always learn new things from watching her play.”

Melero said because of the attention, she feels the challenge to do better.

“I am extremely excited to see what will happen my senior year, and I am going to continue working hard both in school and softball.”

By Christian Hernandez

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