The Hunger Games book review

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By: Rosario Neria

Book review- The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, a young adults book of survival and love, enthralls it’s readers with a setting of interesting views and characters that have readers mesmerized.


The book is set in Panem, a “shining” Capitol of 12 districts that rose up from the ashes of a place that was once known as North America. Class is organized by districts, the bottom class being district 12. In Panem the Capitol Keeps the districts in line and reminds them of the Capitol’s superiority over them by forcing the districts to send one boy and one girl to participate in the annual Hunger Games survival and a fight to the death on live TV.


The protagonist of the story, Katniss Everdeen, volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games taking the place of her little sister Prim.


“’I volunteer!” I gasped. “I volunteer as a tribute!’” Katniss Everdeen says.


During the Games, their adviser, Haymitch, and the boy tribute, Peeta Mellark, decided to use a love story between Katniss and Peeta as a way of survival. Though angry about being used like that, Katniss soon understands a need for this as a way to survive in the Games. She finds ways to survive by using the trees to escape the other tributes and using the elements agents them. She also forms an alliance with one of the tributes. When the rules take an interesting turn she finds herself back in the game of playing lover with Peeta as she tries to keep both of them alive.


The book has readers on the edge of their seat for the next chapter every minute that they are reading. With a futuristic twist, the plot and setting is so believable that readers would want to watch their backs for the Capitol’s Peacekeepers. This book has a copious amount of adventure and romance keeping the adventure seekers on the edge and the romantics sighing.


This book gives readers a view into a world that is harsh and cruel with characters that readers would have a hard time not either hating or feeling for. Readers can feel for the character Katniss and the hardships she faces though strong she is still considerably naïve. Peta, who at first seems’ naïve, shows many times how strong he can be. Also, the Capitol would have readers in a fury at their ways of doing things, though there is some understanding of why the Capitol does what it does. IAs a whole, this book has entranced many to read until the very edges of the night to the early wisps of morning to see what would happen next. When readers finish this book they will be so enthralled by the characters and plot that the next book to the trilogy wouldn’t be in their hands fast enough. Readers can find this book and the next two of the trilogy at their local Wal Mart for $6.29 or at a local Barns-N-Noble for $ 8.99.


Also on March 23 the movie The Hunger Games will come out in theaters.


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