Law enforcement advances to state

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The Bel Air law enforcement team competed and won the Western Regional Law Enforcement competition for the third consecutive year on March 20. On April 29-30 they will compete in Crowley, Tex., for state.

Law enforcement teacher, Adriana Mendoza, feels the team’s attitude and bonds with one another will help them win state.

Mendoza said, “The students are overprotective, hardworking, dedicated, and aggressive, which is what I feel will help them come back as state champions.”

Some of the students such as Lupita Carrillo who place first in CSI and first in Domestic Disturbance, feels the need to keep Bel Air’s successful reputation in the law enforcement field.

Carrillo said, “I feel a bit pressured and nervous since we’ve been state champions for the past two years, so I feel we have to place to make our teacher and school proud.”

Team member Adrian Flores who placed first in the Firefighting Obstacle Course feels the team does so well because they’re always prepared.

“I just think everybody knows what they’re doing because they got really good coaching; therefore they’re ready for anything that comes their way during competition.”

“Confidence is key,” said Law Enforcement member Veronica Gentry who placed first in Domestic Disturbance and second in Felony Traffic Stop. “I honestly feel that even if you forget something or feel lost, as long as you keep your head held high and give it your all,  you’ll do good.”

Team member Luis Martinez who placed first in Ideal Prison and third in opening statement believes the team is will be successful whether they win or not.

“Whether we win or not we will still hold our heads high and be grateful for the amazing opportunity and experience to better ourselves in our later lives,” Martinez said.

Law teacher, Roxanne Parker, is grateful for her students and believes in her kids wholeheartedly. Parker said, “I’m privileged to work with such wonderful students and I’m ready to watch them thrive toward their success.”

By Amber Gentry

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