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‘Keanu’ review

0 comments, 05/05/2016, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

Those who enjoy comedies should watch Keanu,” the feature film debut from Comedy Central’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

Director Peter Atencio who also directed the entirety of the duo’s Comedy Central series, “Key and Peele,” is one of the best comedy directors out there when it comes to stylish visuals. First of all, the cat is adorable. Key and Peele score big whenever they team up together on projects. The pair play middle-class cousins in suburban Los Angeles. Key is Clarence, a husband and father. Peele is Rell, who needs comforting after his girlfriend dumps him. That’s when a kitty shows up on his doorstep. It’s instant love. Rell, a John Wick superfan, calls him Keanu.

The thing is, Keanu has a history. He’s just escaped from a drug deal gone wrong, and now he’s fallen into the hands of a gangbanger named Cheddar (Method Man) who puts Keanu in a do-rag and names him New Jack. To get Keanu back, Rell and Clarence are forced to help Cheddar pull off a job with his crew, the 17th Street Blips (a combo of Bloods and Crips). The audience might notice that Keanu doesn’t figure in every scene. Big mistake. The cat is a playa. But so are Key and Peele, and it’s a kick to see them get laughs out of everything gangsta.

However, as funny as it is, there’s something that holds “Keanu” back from greatness, and it’s something that hurts many big studio comedies that are made today. The movie’s script is just a collection of loosely connected sketches, and that means it disappears from memory almost as soon as it’s over. On the other hand, if the viewer is looking to get a good laugh in from an extremely funny comedy, then “Keanu” is definitely the right movie to see. Overall, the film deserves 7/10 stars for Key and Peele’s great acting, as well as the overall flow of the movie. The movie Is playing at multiple locations around El Paso, such as Cinemark Tinseltown USA, Premiere Cinema El Paso Bassett, and The Grand 10 – Fort Bliss.

By Khaleb King

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