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We all must learn “civilian ways”

0 comments, 26/09/2016, by , in Opinion

High school… What a scapegoat, right? They say they’re “preparing” us for the years ahead, but it’s all a lie. In my decade and a few, they never taught me how to control a job interview, or raise a child, or pay bills. That’s the life we all shall live in a short period of time. We may not realize it, but as teenagers, we are blinded by an invisible shield school portrays as a “ways into the real world.”

Jacob Bueno blogs on his observations of teenage life.

We’ve all, individually, experienced the small particles of life as an adult in many different ways; whether it’s by babysitting, driving, or maybe you’ve taken it up a level, a job. Nevertheless, a glimpse is all it takes to come to peace with the fact that high school is only temporary. The freshmen have yet to understand that, the sophomores are slowly coming around to it, the juniors have full knowledge of it, and seniors are just counting the days of which they become legal age; civilians to their community. What they do one year from now is entirely up to them, their choice. Funny thing, they believe it’ll be just partying, but that’s not the case, and they’ll realize it when they wake up one morning, stop and think about how they graduated already.
In high school, all the early teenagers and late teenagers roughly believe that it’ll last forever; being a kid. They have no comprehended the fact that it only lasts five years, but when you enter high school, you say to yourself, “I finally made. I’m finally here.” Then that’s all you look forward too. That’s all that’s on your mind for the next few years or so.
A young man, walking down the hallways of this school he will rid of in about eight months or so, daydreams about his plans after this nightmare is over. As he strives through his last year of “mandatory” education, he then enters the sixth month of senior and still has not comprehended the fact that it’s only a matter of time, not only until graduation day… It’s time for recognition, seniors of Bel Air. This is our time, our 15 minutes.
What shall happen this year is your choice. Everything hangs on by a thread when it comes to choice. If one finds oneself in a situation where a decision cannot be made, pick the best one and never doubt it. That’s what it’s like to be a part of society – the civilian ways.

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