Varsity Softball on Top

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Bel Air varsity softball is in first place in district with an 8-1 record. The girls next game is April 3 vs. Eastlake. The clash with Eastlake will be a major factor in the champion of district play. The girls are in a three-way tie for first place with Hanks and Eastlake. Last time the Highlanders played Eastlake, Eastlake beat the Highlanders 14-10.The Lady Highlanders have four more games in district play and are already guaranteed a spot in playoffs. The girls hope to continue their good form into playoffs.

The girls have held high standards since the beginning of the season and have no reason to stop now. Junior Abrielle Delgadillo explained how the team hopes to make it to at least the sweet 16.

“Our goals are to be first in our district, then hopefully make it to the sweet 16 or further,” Delgadillo said. Delgadillo described that the team’s success comes from their unity on and off the field.

Playing as a team is the main focus of the girls and hope to only strengthen their bond as games go by.

“If we mess up we need to shake it off and come back stronger,” senior Sabrina Medina said. Medina explained that their bond is unbreakable and their ability to reunite after mistakes only makes them stronger.

The girls agreed that this season hasn’t really had any struggles. The girls believe they are superior to all other teams in the district and hope to build on that confidence every day.

“I don’t think we have had any challenges,”senior Tori Ruiz said. Ruiz went on to say how the only obstacle they’d have to face in district play is themselves. Ruiz explained that with focus and unity the girls won’t have a problem taking first place.

By Christopher Diaz

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