“Thor: The Dark World” Review

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“Thor 2,” one of Americas most anticipated movie finally hit theaters on Nov. 8. The movie had many amazing action scenes that really showed into what people can expect from the movie.

“Thor 2” included the continued story on what was left unknown in the first movie. This movie is really amazing and picks up where it left off.

“Thor 2” includes the detailed story of how Thor and all the characters from the movie are living their life after the previous movie. The main plot of this movie is to defeat an enemy of Asgard who tries to make the world into a dark universe again by the use of a weapon.

Many actors from the previous movie came to reprise their roles. Chris Hemsworth did an outstanding job in portraying Thor, Natalie Portman also did an amazing job in reprising her role as Jane Foster the famous scientist and Thor’s love interest. Director Alan Taylor did amazing work into trying to make this movie stand out from the rest of the Marvel franchise.

 On a scale of 1-10, this movie deserves a 10. “Thor 2” is well worth the ticket price of $11 and is a great movie for families or for people really interested in Marvel comics or superheroes.

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