iPad Air vs Kindle

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Both the iPad Air and the Kindle are supposed to be able to perform similar tasks, yet one claims to be better than the other. Some say the Air has barely improved the iPad while some buyers say its more modern and efficient. Some buyers claim that the Kindle remains unchanged and is still unproductive while some disagree and say it’s the best device they’ve ever seen. So, which of the two does the public prefer in performance?

The iPad Air has a new antenna added to it, making it the fastest wifi user. The Air is somewhere between a mini and a regular iPad size. The screen size is 7.9 inches. But with a lighter weight, more storage, faster work pace and longer battery, what’s making buyers hold back? Nothing really.  Many are lining up and getting out their $100 bills to get their hands on the worlds’ latest Apple product.

Unlike the Kindle, the iPad also has a better retina display, better facetime upgrade, speaker improvement and wifi connectivity. Many are joyous for the gain of improvement in this iPad and say it was worth the money.

Those on the opposing side of the iPad claim to enjoy the Kindle much more. The newest addition to Microsoft has been a big hit, even giving the iPad a run for it’s money. The Kindle is great, but it is not as fast as and cannot perform as many tasks as the iPad. The Kindle also does not have the greatest retina display. Although the Kindle is not as great as the iPad, a Microsoft representative says, “We have just released something as good or maybe even better than the iPad.”

Although the Kindle is a good competitor, the iPad still has higher ratings. The iPad has stretched out its abilities to do more for the buyer and more for itself. The iPad is still on top in the public war of who will be the best, Kindle or iPad.

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