Big Bad Musical review

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 By:Bianca Hernandez

“The Big Bad Musical” performed by the Tartan Theatre Troupe this month is about The Three Little Pig’s, Little Red Riding Hood, The boy who Cried Wolf, and, of course, what’s a story with out the Big Bad Wolf.  It all comes together in one story putting the wolf on trial for all the bad things he has done.  At the end, the audience choose if he guilty or not guilty.

What caught the eye in this play was that it was a children’s tale, that adults and even teens could enjoy. Talent all around Bel Air was presented. Involving choreography by the Mu Delta Chi dance team, and singing from the choir, The Big Bad Musical was a spectacular play.

Leanna Hernandez one of the backup singers said, “ I liked being in this play. Although this isn’t something I do as a career, I was happy that they asked me to be in this play. “

What’s a tale about the three little pigs without the big bad wolf ?

Patrick  Jaramillo, who played the wolf, said, “I have been in speech and debate for two years , so I knew how to get over being nervous; theatre is an opportunity to become something other than myself on stage.”

Jaramillo played the big bad wolf with much enthusiasm and great character. Watching the play from the seats is a great experience.

As for people behind the scenes, it is a lot more hectic and thrilling to be off stage.

Ashley Hernandez the stage manager for the play said, “ It’s a stressful job. I enjoy doing it, but it’s not something I want to do in the future. Doing this has taught me to have a lot of patience, because I am not one to have patience in the first place.

The player deserve a lot of credit because some of theses actresses and actors have never been on stage before, and for being in front of many people for the first time. they did an excellent job entertaining the audience. This play sent viewers on an adventure through childhood stories , and that for all was very entertaining and exciting.



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