“Catching Fire” Movie Review

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The Capitol is thirsty for vengeance, a revolution is on the verge of breaking out, and the vision of hope is clear and in sight.

Jennifer Lawrence is back, once again, to portray Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Game Series, in the sequel “Catching Fire.” Katniss and her supposed lover Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson, have just won the Hunger Games and are taking the traditional Victory tour, and planning to up a front that President Snow demands; but little do they know that all that is taken away when the announcement for the Quarter Quell reveals that previous victors will be the ones selected. During the games, alliances are created, promises are broken, sacrifices are made, and secrets are exposed.

Viewers are able to connect with Katniss, understanding her hills and valleys of prosperity and deception, as if they were their own. Along with her co-star Mellark, both bring something completely different to the table when it comes to the “teen love” that fans obsess over. They couldn’t have done a better job at bringing these characters to life. It can be sure that even Suzanne Collins, the author of the series, would be impressed herself.

The film also introduces major characters to the storyline such as Finnick Odair, who is portrayed by Sam Claflin. Claflin’s character adds some what of a comic relief, while also being able to make those seat clenching scenes even more emotional. While Jena Malone, who plays Johanna Mason, brings an interesting rawness and twisting excitement to the theme of the story.

The special effects used in the film seem all too real. The special effects team manages to use the environment of Hawaii, in which the film was shot in, to highlight the creatures they’ve conjured up. In fact there is a scene where the protagonists are attacked by hideous beasts, which brings chills down the audience’s spins because of how real it looks.

Even though a director change had caused means for discussion of whether or not “Catching Fire” director Francis Lawrence could meet the expectation of those who the “Hunger Games” director, Gary Ross, had set up, the film managed to become a huge success. Lawrence not only met the standards set by fans but also exceeded them, brings a new vision of what the characters emotions are like while competing in the games.

“Catching Fire” receives 4.5 out of 5 stars for keeping the viewers attention throughout the film, and exceeding its expectations set by fans.

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