Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie

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By: Mark Davis

The popular Twilight saga that many have grown to love has finally come to a close with its concluding chapter of Breaking Dawn- part 2.  This particular saga has managed to become more of a fad with every movie released, which has created fans to become famished for more. The final film was a definite way to feed the audience’s thirst for their obsession on the saga. The flick is amazingly impeccable and is worth watching over and over.


Actors such as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner that have been involved in the series since the beginning have become huge superstars as the progression leading up to the final movie making them to be remembered forever in cinema history. Throughout the movie series the actors involved have grown and improved their talents as each development of the films progressed making the saga the best work yet.


Also the sets and special effects to the movie were a major need to present the atmosphere needed to bring the plot of the story together. The special effects were just completely amazing making the tale even more memorable. The effects used for the movie were able to enhance it by creating each scene required to bring Stephanie Meyer’s story to life. From the action fight scenes to the more mellowed romance in the movie the effects made the movie even more believable.


The second part to Breaking Dawn starts off as Bella Swan, who is played by Kristen Stewart, wakes up after Edward Cullen, who Robert Pattinson portrays, bites her releasing his venom in her body causing her to become a bloodthirsty vampire. Throughout the beginning of the movie, the audience witnesses Swan adapt to her new life of marriage, motherhood, and living dead. As her life begins to seem become quiet calm and normal, Swan is completely unaware that trouble is about to stir up causing the Cullen family to become a target in the eyes of the dangerous leaders of the vampires known as the Volturi.


Breaking Dawn – part 2 is definitely a flick worth watching. The excitement, intensity, and the romance will have the audience at the edge of their seat throughout the entire time at the theater. It’s wicked twists and turn will have the viewers begging for more to be revealed. As well as the tribute the movie has towards the end thanking all of the actors who have been or have helped create the Saga to become possible will bring fans to tears of joy in remembrance to a series that they have grown to love. This series of motion pictures are surely going to become classics!


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