Senior Sunrise

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Over 200 seniors started off the year early monday morning enjoying complimentary refreshments (in the form of donuts, Rice Krispie treats, Taco Cabana burritos, SunnyD, and Starbucks coffee) and watching the sunrise together. The event, though an annual occurence, doesn’t usually take place on the first day of school.

“We decided [Senior Sunrise] would be a great way to start our senior year,” 2016 class president Kayla Younger said. She considers the event a success.

“We had quite a few seniors out there. It seemed like everyone had a good time,” Younger said.

Senior class sponsor Ibeth Rodriguez agrees.

“I think that’s it’s going to be a day that seniors that were out there with remember,” Rodriguez said

Senior Da Nang Salcido enjoyed himself.

“It was really nice and all of the food and the photo booth was something that made it even better,” Salcido said. Younger hopes to get all seniors to participate in class events similar to Senior Sunrise.

“I want to make sure every senior gets involved at some point in the events we have planned and that they make the most of their last year,” Younger said.

By Sienna Mata

Photos by Crystal Trejo

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