“The Lego Movie” Review

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Witty, inspiring, and fun, “The Lego Movie” has something to offer everyone. The film is an inspiring story about how anyone can be extraordinary. It’s jampacked with hilarious jokes and appearances from everyone from Shaq to Chewbacca.

Emmett, voiced by Chris Pratt, was just a normal resident in Bricksburg, just following the instructions provided daily by President Business (voiced by Will Ferrell). He was completely unextraordinary until he found the “Piece of Resistance” (a reference to) and was proclaimed “The Special.” From that point on he meets quite an array of characters ranging from Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, to Gandalf. It’s an epic race against time as the “Masterbuilders” and Emmett try to devise a plan to foil Lord Business’s plans to end the world as they knew it. The mysterious “Kragle” (Krazy Glue with a faded label) means bad news for all lego people unless it is attached to “the Piece of Resistance” (it’s cap).

The movie portrays some clever comedy, from Lord Business’ collection of relics from the human world to the repeated “Where Are My Pants?” joke. It has silly humor as well as jokes to be enjoyed by a more mature audience.  The film manages to deliver universal themes in a fun original way. The characters inspire each other to become better people and achieve greater things. The movie also shows how with a little faith in one’s self they could accomplish amazing things. Also portrayed is the importance of strong bonds, from romance to friendship to the relationship father and son.

Overall this heartening and hilarious tale gets 5 out of 5 stars for it’s loveable characters and imaginative story. Tickets are $7 and the movie is showing at all Cinemark Theatres.

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