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“Unbroken” Review

0 comments, 21/01/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

The movie “Unbroken” can be described as nothing short of an intensifying tearjerker. Based on a true and inspiring tale, this film has a serious and suspenseful tone and all throughout. Both informing and questionable, this movie exceeded expectations in an overall eye-opening experience. No-doubt the world will be talking about this historic film for quite a while.

“Unbroken,” directed by the phenomenal actress, Angelina Jolie, is an excellent portrayal of hardship and endurance. During WWII, a young and dedicated olympian, Louis Zamperini, finds himself in a dire situation when his Navy team’s plane crashes. He and his team are stranded unprepared in a raft in the middle of the Atlantic ocean for 47 days before they’re captured by the Japanese navy, followed by Zamperini spending a near two years in a brutal prisoner-of-war camp. The effects of each violent scene had each member of the audience on the edge of their seats, taken aback by the realness of it all. The camera angles were phenomenal, lenses focusing in on the detailed sorrowful expression of each prisoners face, bringing the audience to tears. The movie gives off a feeling of anxiety (don’t worry; it’s entirely worth it) throughout the punishments executed on the U.S. Navy men. Still, the prisoners, though tired and worn, remain loyal and hardworking intent on making their county proud.

The film started slowly, a teenage Zamperini on screen, troubled and bitter, before his older brother encouraged him to do something with his life. The first few minutes were promising, most viewers clueless as to what the movie had in store. The graphics got better and better as the film goes on. Often times one would find themselves questioning if the movie was actual footage or Hollywood, THAT’s how real it all appeared.

The leading actor, Jack O’Connell did an excellent portrayal of real life Louis Zamperini, who died late last year. Japanese navy commander Watanabe was played by Takamasa Ishihara who executed a phenomenal performance as the antagonist of the film, and executed a longing for friendship with the protagonist, revealing a hidden side to his character.

The rest of the cast was phenomenal and highly successful in conveying an array of characters. Toward the end, the movie had the audience on the edge of their seats, in hopes the war would end and Zamperini would claim his rightful freedom. A anxiety-erupting scene occurs, and the viewer will find themselves shaking, in utter shock and disbelief of the fact that all of this actually took place.

The movie will end unexpectedly and happily, giving the audience what they wish for. “Unbroken” was an enthralling experience overall and is highly recommended. It gives a moral of emotionalism and enduring the hardship faced, causing the viewer to second-guess their morals in a positive way. The viewer might feel overwhelmed a couple times throughout the film but will always eager for what will arise next.

This movie is undoubtedly a 10 out of 10 and an A grade/ no negative comments. Overall “Unbroken” executes astounding performances and it sends positive message, portraying World War 2 and our countries efforts flawlessly. Go ex

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