Students’ ideal new principal

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With current principal Louis D. Martinez heading out at the end of June, the district is getting ready to choose his replacement. Finalists for the position will be chosen on Friday and the official new principal will be announced on Wednesday. Some students shared what their ideal new principal would be like.

Junior Isaiah Apodaca would like the new principal to be a good problem solver.

“I would like for this principal to be professional. Someone who can identify a problem and find multiple solutions and choose the best one,” Apodaca said.

Apodaca would also like a principal who listens.

“I would also really appreciate if this principal valued the opinions of students,” Apodaca said.

Junior and gymnast Daniela Colomo would like an all around supportive principal.

“Ideally I would want a principal who has pride and who supports all the programs in the school, not just the popular ones,” Colomo said.

By Sienna Mata

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