’13 Reasons Why’ Review

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“13 Reasons Why” has been getting talked about ever since it came out. Katherine Langford plays the main character of the show, Hannah Baker.

It is about a girl named Hannah who took her life because she felt a feeling of utter defeat and how she left tapes documenting the reasons that led to her suicide. The show was made to show people that suicide is a serious problem and to show what realities teens are dealing with in everyday life. They wanted to address the situation of being able to talk openly about many situations such as bullying, sexual assault, LGBTQ, race, gender and suicide. Parents should watch this show with their kids so they can be there for all the emotional parts.

This story is told through both Hannah and Clay Jensen’s (played by Dylan Minnette) perspectives.

Clay had a crush on Hannah and he kept wondering why he was on the tapes. All the people who are on the tapes received them and heard them all. Hannah left the original copy with a good friend named Tony. He kept them in a safe spot in case they didn’t follow the rules that Hannah left.

In the show, Hannah said, “Some of you cared. None of you cared enough.” This goes along with a quote that said, “They always care when it is too late.”

The show is a great way to show people how a small thing can cause a big difference in someone’s life. Something small can destroy someone. This show can make a person or a teen see things in the world a different way. It had a very strong impact because it is a reality, and many people go through many of the issues in this show. Many people tend to shy away from these topics like these and be scared to talk about them.

It has very impactful scenes, and people might look at in in a wrong way. In ‘Beyond The Reasons’ they explain why they made it the way they did.

This show has very emotional scenes. This show can also teach parents a lesson of looking out for signs from their children. These topics can be hard for someone to talk about and watching this might help someone get what they feel out.

The actors performed really well. It all looked real, which is really great because it is representing the reality in life. The emotions they had to do really could get to a person because they expressed them well. When they had to get angry or sad, it really showed. This show has a 5 star rating. It is available to watch on Netflix.

By Desiree Sandoval

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