“Ride Along” Review

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“Ride Along,” featuring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, one of the movies anticipated for 2014,` finally hit theaters on Jan. 17. This movie should bring many laughs to families.

The movie’s plot summary is about how a guy who tries to impress his soon to be wife’s brother, but the day to impress him turns out to be more than he expected.

Kevin Hart does an amazing job playing his role as Ben Barber, the main character of the film. Ice Cube brings the whole thing together as his role of James Payton the cop and future brother-in-law of Ben.

One of the parts most enjoyable from the movie is when they are at a grocery store, and Ben has to try and stop this crazy guy because he’s causing an outrage throwing stuff around.

The direction of the movie was well played, although some more action could have been added. The story outline was very enjoyable, especially to people who love law enforcement types of movies.

This movie is directed by Tim Story and is being shown at local movie theaters.The tickets cost about $8. The movie is rated 3 out of 5 stars. This movie is worth the price.

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