“Bad Grandpa” Review

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People should watch “Bad Grandpa” if they want to have a good laugh. Director Jeff Tremaine hits such as “Jackass: The Movie” “Jackass Number Two,” and “Jackass 3D” have filled theatres with laughter. “Bad Grandpa” made $32 million this past weekend.

It is about Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville), an 86-year old man, who  takes a road trip across America with his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) to take him to his father since his mother is going to jail. On their journey they will encounter male strippers, funeral home mourners, biker bar patrons, and a whole lot of other citizens. Zisman discovers how it feels to have someone who love him just the way he is.

One of the most exciting scenes is when Zisman takes Billy to a child beauty pageant. Billy dresses up as a girl and enters the contest. He then rips off his sailor outfit to reveal that he is wearing women’s underwear. Billy starts to pool dance while Zisman gets on stage to throw him dollar bills.

Actor Johnny Knoxville spent two hours and forty-five minutes in makeup so he could look like a senior citizen. He is 42-years old. They didn’t have extra time because while “Bad Grandpa” was being filmed, people didn’t really know that it was for a movie. All cameras were hidden.

“I think pranking the public is, by far, the most difficult thing we do. But when you get that perfect reaction from someone or a group of people, I don’t think anything is funnier than that,” Knoxville said in an interview to Random Roles.

Jackson Nicoll did really well while acting like a troublemaker in “Bad Grandpa.” His acting comes naturally. Nicoll met Knoxville on the set of “Fun Size.”

“Jackson is the perfect kid. He’s not only fearless, he’s smart. And he’s cute. He’s also mean as a snake. I could not love the kid more,” Knoxville said in an interview for USA Today.

“Bad Grandpa” is Rated-R for violence, sexual content, language, and alcohol/drug use. It can be seen at Tinseltown or any Cinemark.

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